Two new releases

First release will be August 15. 2014:

The single: "The Ugly Thing"

Second release will be September 5. 2014:

The album: "Electric Velvet


New single from 3-11 PORTER

Released 15. November, 2013

"Waiting For You"


New single from 3-11 PORTER

Released 3. May, 2013

"Belly Of The Beast"


New single from 3-11 PORTER

Released 14. May, 2012

"Luck Is Around The Corner"

Funny remix of: Bakerman / Surround Me

by: Ariel Perazzoli


One more YouTube Video with more than one million views

One of our videos on YouTube has passed

one million views.

The song used in this video is: "Surround Me"

and is currently being used by TV Globo in Brazil  

for their popular new television series " Viver A Vida” 

"Surround Me"The soundtrack from the series

is released and will include


More than one million views

The song “Surround Me” has been used to promote the film 
“Fireflies in the Garden” starring Julia Roberts, William Dafoe, 
Emily Watson, Carrie Anne Moss


Cover version of "Surround Me With Your Love

Blank & Jones with Coralle Clément

Echo Beach

This clip is from the serie: Echo Beach. Both the original and the remix of "Surround Me With Your Love" are being used.

Shown on British TV

©  Who Went Where Records ANS


New Video

For our new single:

"The Ugly Thing"

from the new album: "Electric Velvet"

The single was released

August 15, 2014.

The album will be released September 5.


The new album: "Electric Velvet" out now.

Release date: September 5. 2014

A short movie about the album: "Electric Velvet"


New Movie from 3-11 Porter's latest album "Electric Velvet"


Ny 3-11 Porter lanserering, første låt på norsk.

New 3-11 Porter release:

For the first time, a song in our nativ Norwegian language.